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  • Ensure timely access to services that support recovery and well-being

  • Promote access to care by facilitating a simplified entry to care 

  • Ensure access to quality, culturally competent care for vulnerable and underserved populations

  • Address shortages of highly trained professionals . 





  • Team-based care and integrated service delivery systems to promote better choice for consumers


  • Consumers can access a wide range of services and receive a “warm transfer to care from many different points throughout the system


Live, real-time, interactive communication platform to deliver behavioral health services. This system is designed to deliver coordinated care.  





iTeleOffice Spaces (Coming Soon)

These multi-use spaces provide an environment to host individual, group or contracted behavioral health and treatment services.   These fully furnished offices decorated with distinct modern designs are the perfect affordable solution to help Behavioral Health professionals grow their business. The space is equipped for private office spaces available for short-term use.  Each client can select their service level package that best meet their needs. 




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