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AprilMay is implicitly revolutionizing behavioral health services.  We are committed to making a difference in the lives of youth and families. As the leading pediatric mental health provider, we provide children an opportunity to reach their fullest potential through our wide range of services and activities. We offer them the support they need in order to ensure they grow, learn, and thrive within their community. Learn more about what we do and see how we impact local youth.





Our guiding principles are our increase our partners capacity to offer quality competent care by way of:   


  • Utilizing innovation to expand treatment and support services to make consumers feel empowered and involved in the treatment process. 


  • Providing convenient treatment options that can be accessed in a familiar environment for greater consumer engagement and follow-up care.  


  • Collaboration amongst primary and specialty care providers, community and faith based services for greater treatment options for individuals in the behavioral health system.





Guiding Principles


Our mission is to work with consumers to stabilize psychological conditions, achieve treatment milestones and learn illness management.  In addition to our mission, our core objective is to:


  • Increase integration between physical and behavioral health services 


  • Decrease consumers reliance on crisis/acute services as the primary point of care 


  • Increase coordination to bridge fragmented and uncoordinated service delivery systems 


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