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Our individualized programs are expected to maintain or improve the individual’s condition and treat the diagnosis.  We provide various levels of support necessary to maintain consumers psychological condition:






  • Individual or group psychotherapy with physicians, psychologists, or other mental health professionals authorized or licensed by the State in which they practice (e.g., licensed clinical social workers, clinical nurse specialists, certified alcohol and drug counselors)


  • Individualized activity based therapies essential for the treatment of the patient’s diagnosed condition and for progress toward treatment goals


  • Family counseling services for which the primary purpose is the treatment of the patient’s conditions


  • Training and education related to the consumers diagnosed psychological condition and medically necessary diagnostic services related to mental health treatment. 



Treatment interventions are focused on the child/adolescent, family, and parental/guardian behaviors and interactions.  Services are comprehensive and holistic in nature, taking into consideration medical needs as well as mental health treatment. Our interventions promote recovery and resiliency by way of crisis intervention and stabilization, behavioral counseling, skill building, advocacy, and advocacy.


In serving our youth, we place particular emphasis on collaboration between primary care doctors, behavioral health providers, core agencies and community-based organizations. Therefore, treatment will include the implementation of a consumer-centered care.  

Most of our customized programs are short-term with a goal of stabilization. Programs are an active customized multimodal treatment program specific to the particular needs of the patient. Using a multidisciplinary team approach to patient care creates accountability and treatment goals that are measurable as well as functional.






Therapeutic Services 


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