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Student Support Services

Student support services are based on a pilot program that offers a contemporary response to the grave need for wraparound services for students with intensive and complex emotional and behavioral health needs.  The pilot uses technology to engage both the student and families in the treatment process, while providing a collaborative platform for facilitated team-based services, support, and planning.  Wraparound is a comprehensive holistic method which aims to develop and implement care plans for children who need behavioral health supports.   Using the wraparound philosophy, treatment plans include a customized service mix to support the child/family needs using both formal services and natural supports.  This pilot is devoted to meet the standards of the Ten Principles of the Wraparound Process, developed by the National Wraparound Initiative (NWI).  


Implementing our student support services pilot in schools will enhance any existing student mental health offerings.  Ideally, it can resolve many of the more common deficiencies associated with mental health delivery throughout the educational system such as:


  • Minimal referral and community based resources

  • Lack of adequately trained clinical health professionals- causing a disservice to the students and increasing the need for specialty schools

  • Families lack of support and understanding on how to address/manage challenging behaviors 

  • Scarce prevention and crisis intervention resources for students showing signs of distress  

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