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The Name "AprilMay"

The name "AprilMay" was derived from the parable "April showers brings May flowers". April represents victims whose abuse left them lost and broken. May speaks to the individuals who reclaimed their lives and are now survivors!   



AprilMay Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Organization.  The Fondation offers mental health and support services to survivors of sexually based crimes. We collaborate with non-profits, social service organizations, and mental health providers to expand resources and services available to survivors and their families nationwide. 


Sexual victimization is a menacing issue that continues to impact the lives of unsuspecting victims. Sexual victimization is a crime, which typically provokes silence. As a result, AprilMay encourage speaking out, so victims can grow from the strength of Survivors. AprilMay will create camaraderie amongst survivors, encouraging others to join the fight against sexual victimization. 


We sustain our vision by:-

- increasing social consciousness regarding the issue of sexual victimization

- dispelling the stigma surrounding sexual violence

- ending the silence of sexual assault and sexual abuse.​   



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